Pun Plamondon

Unrepentent Radical


Pun Plamondon is an author, playwright, sometimes journalist, and activist. He co-founded the radical and militant White Panther Party/Rainbow People's Party in the late 1960's. He's been a union organizer, rock n roll truck driver, FBI 10 Most Wanted fugitive, political prisoner and spokesman for the Congress of Unrepentant Radicals (CUR).

In 1972 he was a principle in the landmark US Supreme Court decision (US-v-US District Court {Keith Decision}) regarding warrentless wiretapping of domestic dissidents.

LOST FROM THE OTTAWA; The Story of the Journey Back, Mr. Plamondon's autobiography, begins with his conception and birth in a Michigan psychiatric hospital. His adoption to a white family was turbulant. At 15 he was sent to a Catholic reform school. At 19 a union organizer, at 27 he was charged with bombing a CIA office in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He fled the indictment and was placed on the FBI's 10 Most Want list. He traveled to Europe and later to exile in Algeria. Upon his return to the  US he was captured and so began a legal odyssey that resulted in a landmark Supreme Court decision.

By age 37, drugs and alcohol had all but destroyed Pun's life. It was at this time that he reconnected with his Ottawa Tribe, found biological relatives and began the road to recovery and peace.

Mr. Plamondon lectures high school and college students on the radical politics of the 1960's and 70's.

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